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What is PeopleSoft (MyUB)?
PeopleSoft is an integrated software package that allows all administrative functions of the University to operate seamlessly, so that all Human Resources, admissions, finance and records all interconnect. The software can process the information entered into its database on multiple levels, making working with this software package intuitive for the end-user.

How does PeopleSoft affect me?
PeopleSoft impacts the way all UB faculty, staff and students interact with the University. It enables each member of the University community to access their account information via the Web instantly. It allows you to change your address, register for classes, see your transcript, and edit your 401K information, all from the Web.

How do I get help with using PeopleSoft?
The Office of Technology Services Call Center can assist with PeopleSoft problems. Also there are instructions online for commonly used functions and problems.

Last Published 7/15/16