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Events and Event Planning

Event planning can be one of the most enjoyable parts of being a member of a Student Organization.  Please use the materials on this page to assist you in planning your event. The following steps are very basic, for more detailed steps please download the Event Planning Guide to the left.

Step 1. Event Idea - the very first thing a group should do for an event to come up with an idea. Then take that idea and talk it over with the group and advisor/s. You want to look at how the event fits with the mission of the organization and who you want the event to appeal to.

Step 2. Formation of the event - This is one of the most fun parts of creating an event. In this stage you want to dream up how the event will look and write it out, then consider your time line, budget, and people power. If you still want to proceed with the event, its time to look at some money and make some arrangements.

Step 3. Money, Money, Money - make sure you create a budget and that you have the funds

Step 4. Reserving the space - at this point in the process you should be looking at locations for the event using the VEMS (room reservation system).  For more information on using VEMS go to the VEMS Tutorials. If you are making an after hours room reservation you must first get the form filled out before the reservation is put in.  You cannot put in any after hours reservations on your own.

Step 5. Getting people in seats - there are a variety of ways to advertise to students, the most basic, but still effective way is to use posters, flyers, and CSI Link

Step 6. Follow up - make sure you follow up on all payments (through CSI), print materials, RSVP's if needed, room set up, and all other facets of your event.

Step 7. Event day - This is the day you have been waiting for, make sure you arrive early and communicate with the group to make sure everyone knows when to show up and what to do. Then sit back and enjoy the event....then clean up

Step 8. CLEAN!!!!!

Step 9. In the next meeting go over the event and discuss what went well and what may need a little work for next time.