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Organization Registration

Each student organization must register with the Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement by completing the registration materials available in the office and on CSI Link. Your group is then able to reserve space on campus and have access to financial records kept by CSI, and the Allocations Board. Information must be submitted so that the Involvement Staff is aware of the org’s activities, officers, etc.

After you have completed all of your registration requirements, your organization is entitled to all university organization services. Services like: use of the Student Organization Space (SC 402) and its meeting space, a CSI organization mailbox, free copying service (up to 100 copies per day), free fax services and many other amenities.

If your group wishes to receive financial funding, you should apply to the Allocations Board by filling out the Student Organization Funding Form, found on the financials website.

Returning Organizations - Must Register Every Fall

New Student Organizations

Officer Training