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Returning Student Organization

Below you will find the steps to register a returning Student Organization

Step 1. Check in with CSI, look to see what is new with orgs and see if you have anything in your mailbox

Step 2. Get your officers together and make sure you meet the minimum membership requirements

  • Membership Minimums

    - A minimum of 3 officers who are currently UB students, who do not hold a staff or faculty position on campus
    - A minimum of 6 total members who are currently UB students
    - A faculty or staff advisor from UB

Step 3. Update your groups profile on CSI Link, this is your webpage so make sure it is as up to date as possible. You can even load a logo or profile picture. For help with updating and changing your CSI Link page, visit the CSI Link tutorials.

Step 4. Select the groups categories. These are searchable categories that students can search and find your group from their interests

Step 5. Upload your Constitution, make sure all officers have read and understand it.

Step 6. Begin the Registration Form, If the organization turned in a Transition Packet last semester, this will come in handy during this step.

  • Specific Steps

    - Enter the basic information for the Organizations
    - Enter the Primary Contacts information
    - Enter the Advisors Information
    - If the Organization has and external account you must enter its information, if not you may move to the next step
    - List all officers and their positions as well as who will have access to make room reservations .

Step 7. Submit the registration, once CSI has approved the registration a few things will happen

  • Your membership roster will be cleared out to give CSI and you a better look at who is in the group. We will then send you the list of all cleared email addresses for you to re-invite them. You can do the invites in bulk, and they must accept the invite to register for this academic year.
  • Your officers will be added to the SAKAI class for Student Organizations, this is where you will take the Student Organization Workshops online. If a failing grade is received that officer must attend an in person workshop.

Once all of those steps have been completed you are an Active Organization.

Failure to register by October 1st may result in sanctions being placed on the Organization

  • Funding may be frozen
  • Room reservation access will be removed
  • Forced cancellation or postponement of programs and/or events
  • Limited access to CSILink and other SO privileges

If a group fails to re-register for the fall semester, that group will be marked "inactive" and will be removed from the roster.