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Successful recruitment for a successful candidate.

Candidate Gateway is UB's self-service recruiting program that provides a gateway for interested job seekers to apply for and track job opportunities.  PeopleSoft's Recruiting Module provides UB hiring authorities and teams a paperless recruitment, selection and hire system.

Are you ready to recruit?

  • Do you have a completed position description?
  • Do you have an approved hiring salary range?
  • Do you have an approved position number?
  • Do you have approved funding?
  • Do you have leadership approval?
  • Step 1: Creating / Updating a Position Description

    A position description is required when completing PeopleSoft's Job Opening Request. A position description may exist if you are filling a vacancy for an existing position. However, if the position is new or if the position description has not been reviewed in the last year, a new or updated position description may be required. Once the position description is complete it should be sent to OHR for the assignment and/ or validation of the position's title, classification and hiring salary range. A job code is also assigned.

    The Hiring  Manager (HM) secures approval to recruit in accordance with his or her departmental process that typically includes:

    • Senior Management - Confirms support for the hire. Acquiring approval at this stage prevents possible delays in moving the recruitment forward.
    • Position Manager  - Confirms budget availability and appropriate account information. 

    A department's approval to recruit paperwork is retained in the department.

  • Step 2: Submitting a Job Opening Request

    The HM and/or delegate (departmental administrative support) now have all the information required to begin the recruitment process by creating a Job Opening Request in PeopleSoft. Information pertinent to posting and marketing the job opening is completed online followed by an automated workflow confirmation process informing Compensation, Position Management in the Budget Office, and the HR Recruiter. Once confirmed, the job is posted and recruitment begins.

    HR provides online resources and job aids to assist you in completing PeopleSoft's Job Opening Request:

  • Step 3: The Applicant Experience

    Once a job is posted, applicants have the ability to apply for positions. External applicants establish a Candidate Gateway Users ID to access UB's application process. Internal applicants apply using MY UB Portal.

  • Step 4: Manage Applicants/Candidates

    Once the Recruiter confirms that an applicant's experience and qualifications meet the minimum requirements of the position, the applicant is routed to the HM. This important step transitions the applicant to a job candidate. In accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations, all subsequent decisions and actions related to job candidates require HM documentation, which has been simplified and accomplished online.

    To view and manage qualified candidates, the HM and/or delegate logs into PeopleSoft's Recruiting Module to:

    • View Applicant (Candidate) Applications and Resumes
    • Update Applicant (Candidate) Disposition Status
    • Forward Applicants (Candidates) & Send Correspondence
    • Scheduling Interviews
    • Complete Interview Evaluation

    After reviewing applications and resumes, the HM selects candidates for interviewing, schedules and conducts interviews, and selects a finalist. Online documentation for each of these steps is completed either by the HM and/or their delegate. If a Search Committee (SC) is used, online functionality makes it easy to identify, inform and communicate with SC members via email notification initiated from PeopleSoft.

  • Step 5: Selecting the Successful Candidate

    Once the finalist is identified, the HM conducts reference checks. The HR Recruiter is a valuable resource with suggestions and tools that ensure a HM's reference checks are informative. Having this pertinent and value-added information is an important step and supports the HM's hiring decision.

    • View Applicant (Candidate) Applications and Resumes
    • Complete Interview Evaluation

    Once completed, the HM discusses final salary and job offer details with the Recruiter. For non-faculty hires, the Recruiter contacts the finalist with a verbal job offer. For faculty hires only, the Provost Office and/or delegate contacts the finalist with a verbal appointment offer.

  • Step 6: Request for Offer Letter

    For non-faculty hires, once the candidate accepts the offer, the Recruiter contacts the HM, finalizes an offer letter and uploads the document to PeopleSoft. The offer letter documents the starting salary, hire date, and other pertinent information.  The Recruiter prints and mails the offer letter to the prospective employee. Once signed and returned, the Recruiter completes the information required for hiring the new employee in PeopleSoft.

    For faculty hires, the appointment letter is prepared by the Provost Office and/or delegate and either the HM or their delegate uploads to PeopleSoft.  A copy is forwarded to the prospective new faculty member. Once signed and returned, the Recruiter completes the information required for hire.

Last Published 7/21/16