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The Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Reporting and Planning (ERP) software system provides applications to automate many administrative functions including financial accounting, procurement, human resources, student services, and other functions. Oracle's PeopleSoft® Financials includes functionality for creating requisitions, purchase orders, vendor information, purchasing card reconciliation, accounts payable, receiving of shipments, and more. You will find information about purchasing and receiving on this page. 

The system went into Production on July 1, 2003.  Fiscal Year 16 (FY 16) ran from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 and has now ended.  Fiscal Year 17 (FY 17) will run from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017, and is now open.

Log into PeopleSoft Finance

To log into PeopleSoft Finance, navigate to the University home page, then click on the link "MyUB". Log into "My UB", then look on the left side of the MyUB portal page for "Links to PeopleSoft", and click the link "UB Finance On-Campus". You will then see the regular PeopleSoft Finance log in screen. Type in your PeopleSoft User Name and Password and click the button labeled "Sign In".

PeopleSoft Purchasing Training

PeopleSoft Purchasing Training is offered by the Procurement Department. If you would like training in the use of Peoplesoft Purchasing functionality, please contract Blair Blankinship at 410-837-5714 or by e-mail to  The training and tesing database "environment" may be access by this link.

UB faculty and staff use the PeopleSoft (PS) Requisition screens and functions to create requisitions for equipment, supplies and services.  The UB Procurement Department converts those requisitions into purchase orders that we send to vendors.  Once the vendor ships the product or performs the service, the person that receives the goods or services creates a receipt of the shipment in PS to acknowledge that the goods and/or services were received OK, and it is OK to pay the vendor.

To create requisitions, generate financial reports, or access the purchasing card reconciliation screens, you must have a password for PeopleSoft Finance.  To get a password, complete the Request for Access to PeopleSoft Finance form (If you are using Firefox, you will need to download the form in order to complete the fields) and send it to the Procurement Department.  Since some of the nomenclature in PeopleSoft is specific to that application, a glossary of some of the basic definitions is available here.  There are also instructions for completing the Request for Access form.  Note that there is now only one form to request access to PeopleSoft Finance for all functions, including reporting. 

Access to the Purchasing screens is granted at the Department Level (cost center), one user may have access to many PeopleSoft Departments.  Approval of Requisitions is granted at the request of the Dean, Director or Department Head, and may come in three levels, no approval authority (create requisitions only), approval up to $25,000, and approval up to $100,000.  Requisitions over $100,000 must be approved by the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance.  Please provide information about requisitions over $100,000 to the Sr. VPs office. 

The process flows from the requisition to the purchase order to the vendor, then receiving and finally to accounts payable to release the payment to the vendor.

PeopleSoft Trivia (useful for determining into which fiscal year a requisition fell)

  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 04 was 2838
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 05 was 5105
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 06 was 7371
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 07 was 9440
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 08 was 11880
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 09 was 14941
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 10 was 17876
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 11 was 21016
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 12 was 24498
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 13 was 28017
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 14 was 31737
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 15 was 34813
  • The highest numbered Requisition for FY 16 was 37790

And if all else fails, there is a hard copy PeopleSoft Requisition form.  Download the form, complete it, have it signed by the Dean, Director or Department Head, have it signed by the Budget Office, then send it to Procurement for action.


Last Published 5/11/17