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Your advisor might use Advising Notes to keep records of your appointments and easily share information and forms with you. Advising Notes is a tool available in the My Student Center. The instructions on this page step you through viewing and updating an Advising Note.

  1. When your advisor shares a note, you receive an email with a link to the note. The email provides standard information about the note and might include a message from the advisor. Click the link if you want to view the note through My Student Center.
    Advising Note Notification Email
  2. If prompted, enter your UB netID and password. Your browser will display the Advising Notes main page. On this main page, you can access any note your Advisor has shared.
  3. To open a note, click its note icon.

    Advising Note Access Note Icon
  4. Some notes might be informational only, or your advisor might be expecting some input from you. To add to the note, click the yellow update note button.Advising Note main screen
  5. In this screen you can add text and add an attachment. When done, click Submit. Your changes are saved and the advisor will see the update you submitted.

Add text and attachment in note screen

Last Published 1/19/17