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Students have three available options for completing course evaluations with Explorance: Email, MyUB Portal, and Sakai. Explorance can also be accessed via mobile device.

Customized email messages will be sent to students with a link to a list of current electronic course evaluations. Faculty will receive a similar email with a link to a list of course response rates.

MyUB Portal
Students and faculty will also see a link to Explorance Evaluations in the Tools section of MyUB Portal. Click this link to see a dashboard of available evaluations and reports.

If the Sakai course has an associated electronic evaluation, a link titled Course Evaluations will appear in the left navigation; click this link. The evaluation site will open in the Sakai frame.

Using Explorance on Mobile Devices

  1. Access the list of available course evaluations through email, MyUB, or Sakai on your device.
  2. Use the top banner arrows to navigate through the evaluation. Responses are saved each time the user navigates forward to a new set of questions. The progress bar shows overall completion percentage.
  3. On the last page of questions, the Submit option appears. Upon submitting responses, students will be presented with other available course evaluations.
Last Published 12/18/15