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E-mail Account - This is an account that provides access to the UB e-mail server. It is the same user ID and password used for the Network Account. All students, faculty and staff receive UB e-mail accounts. Applicants and alumni do not receive e-mail account. See the Account Information page for details.

E-mail Client - A computer software program that interacts with the UB mail server to read, send, and manipulate your e-mail. The choice of an e-mail client is the user's; OTS provides assistance only for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

H Drive/ - Space provided to all students, faculty, and staff for web pages. Any documents placed into an individual's H: drive is viewable from the web. Students, faculty, and staff receive 100 MB of space. For more information and to see what your web address is go to

MyUB Portal -  A web-based environment for University business distinct from UB’s external site. The web address is The portal promotes self-service, making routine transactions easier, and getting to them more efficient. From this one site, the community can access frequently used services such as timesheets, class roster access, e-mail, voice mail, network files, library databases, and more.  It is accessed using your netID and password.

M Drive - Space provided to all students, faculty, and staff for storage. The files are accessible only to the account owner. This drive is available from on and off campus. When on campus and logged onto a computer connected to the UBNet, the drive is available in the My Computer window or through My Documents. It can be accessed off campus through the MyUB Portal. This is a good place to store documents that you need to access from other locations. Files on the M drive are backed up on a regular basis. Faculty and staff receive 800 MB of file space and students receive 300 MB.

Network Account (netID) - This is a computer account which provides access to many technology services on campus including the MyUB Portal, computer labs, office computers, wireless network, and e-mail.  All new netIDs begin with the character "ID" and is followed by 6 characters. Previously, IDs began with "UB" or "UBTU" (for those enrolled in the MBA program) followed by a string of 5 characters. Some faculty and staff Network Account ID's begin "NT" followed by a portion of the user's last name. Use the password reset tool to look up your ID and/or reset the password.

NT Account - Same as Network Account

OTS - Office of Technology Services. OTS is the department responsible for the computer, network, telecommunications, labs, media, audio-visual, student and financial systems and services.

Password - The portion of a computer account which only the owner of the computer account should know. The password is defined by the owner of the computer account and should be something that others would not be able to guess. This is one measure which helps to prevent the inappropriate access to information or impersonation of another person on a computer network.

Peoplesoft - Application used to support Financial, HR requirements and Student records and scheduling information (student information called MyUB).  Although these services are accessed through the MyUB Portal, PeopleSoft is the system software used for student records, human resources, and financial services.

Peoplesoft Account - This is the account used to give students, faculty, and staff permission to the PeopleSoft system. However, in the case of student and human resources services, this is accessed through the MyUB Portal, which uses your netID.

R Drive - Network file space provided for departmental use. Most departments have an R drive corresponding to their name such as Admissions, Human_Resources, or Provost. Access to the appropriate R drive should be requested by a new faculty/staff person's supervisor or department head. This request should be sent to the OTS Call Center. The R drive is accessible through the My Computer when logged onto a UB computer.

S Drive - Network file space provided to faculty members when needing a network drive space to share with students.

Sakai - The course management system used by Sakai.

Sakai - This is the online course management site for most of UB's online courses. The platform used for Sakai  is Sakai. Some courses are taught solely through Sakai while other instructors use Sakai to supplement their course materials. Not all classes use Sakai. Sakai is accessed in the Tools section of the Portal or through The Law School uses Westlaw and Lexis for some of their online class components.

UMATS - University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System - Provider of Internet and Video services to USM institutions.

User ID - The identifying portion of a computer account, also referred to as a "username".

Username - The user-identifying portion of a computer account, also referred to as a "User ID".

Web Author Account - A computer account on the university's main web server. Used by a departmental website administrator to update and maintain a department's Web site.

Last Published 12/18/15