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List Server

TheĀ list serverĀ is a way to easily communicate with a community through e-mail. It is a list of e-mail addresses identified by a single e-mail address, such as When e-mail is sent to that address it is broadcast to the members of the list.

Mailing lists offer the owner and subscriber options such as restricting the membership, restricting who is allowed to send to this list, how you receive the e-mails sent to the list, etc.

Subscribing to a List

Lists may be public or private. Public lists can be subscribed to through the University of Baltimore LISTSERV Archive page. Click here for the instructions to subscribe to a private list.

Requesting a List

University of Baltimore faculty, staff and students can request that a mailing list be created. Lists requests will be subject to approval on the basis of their benefit and relevance to the University of Baltimore.

Last Published 12/18/15