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  • What list server software does UB use?

    University of Baltimore uses LISTSERV®, provided by L-Soft.

  • How do I see UB's LISTSERV lists?

    You can't see all lists, because some lists are private. Visit this page to see available UB lists.

  • What is the difference between a public and private list?

    Public and private are determined by two separate factors:

    • whether the list shows up in the list of all lists, and
    • whether the archives are available to anyone who isn't a subscriber of the list

    A list can have a combination of these (i.e. shown in the list of lists, but archives are private).

  • How do I have a list created?

    Fill out and submit this online list request form.

    Lists at the University of Baltimore are created with the business of the university in mind. Class discussions, student groups, and professional forums which benefit the experience and reputation of the University of Baltimore are encouraged. Private discussion groups not pertaining to the University should be created on a public group platform (i.e.

  • What is the difference between an Outlook/Exchange distribution list and a LISTSERV list?

    Both a types allow for communication via email amongst the members of the group. There are reasons why you would need one type of list over the other.When you submit a list request, we will work with you to determine which list best fits your needs.

    An Exchange distribution list is used when:

    • All of the list members are part of the University of Baltimore and have an Exchange account
    • The list of participants is generally static (the list only changes when a user joins or leaves the university)
    • Previous postings to the list should be accessible via an Exchange public folder (optional)

    A LISTSERV list is used when:

    • List members include people outside of the University of Baltimore
    • List participants should be able to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves
    • A web-based archive of previous postings should be available
  • What type of lists are available on LISTSERV?

    There are three available types.

    • Announcement List is a one-way list used for announcements, newsletters, and similar types of communication. Subscribers are not allowed to post to the list.
    • Unmoderated Discussion List is a two-way discussion list, where the list postings are not reviewed by a moderator. Subscribers are allowed to post to the list directly; there is no moderation or editor.
    • Moderated Discussion List is a two-way discussion list, where a subscriber's postings are reviewed by a moderator before that post is available to all members of the list.
  • If I have a question about LISTSERV at UB, who do I contact?

    If you are a list owner, you can reach out to the UBListOwner LISTSERV. The list's archives page is available here. If you want to contact the UB LISTSERV administrators, email

Last Published 12/18/15