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UB students and faculty have access to IBM SPSS Statistics for free. The campus license is available through a yearly program. The current license expires July 30, 2018. On this page you'll find:

Question and Answer

  • What is SPSS Statistics?

    SPSS Statistics is a statistical analysis program containing a full suite of analysis tools that allows for multiple types of output. This installation of SPSS Statistics includes three modules: Base, Advanced, and Regression. 

  • Are there restrictions for downloading and using the SPSS campus license? (Licensing Agreement) 

    Yes, the free SPSS Statistics campus license is restricted to teaching and non-commercial academic research by faculty and degree-seeking students. Non-commercial academic research means research by degree-seeking students and faculty members where:

    • the results of such research are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party; 
    • such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying or further distribution; and
    • any copy of any such result is furnished for no more than the cost of hosting, reproduction, and shipping.

    Any other use including but not limited to university administration and operations is strictly prohibited. This license does not permit use by staff. Administrative departments must purchase SPSS directly from IBM/SPSS.

  • Where do I get the installation files?

    The installation files are offered online. Installation CDs are not available. 

    To download the installation file: 

    1. Login to the MyUB Portal.
    2. Locate the Computer Services pagelet.
    3. Click the SPSS Downloads link.
    4. When prompted, enter your UB netID and password. 
    5. On the Downloads for SPSS page, click the appropriate download link.
  • Can I install SPSS on my home/personal computer? 

    Faculty and students may download the application to their personal computer given compliance with the licensing use stated above. 

  • Can administrative staff or other non-academic users download SPSS from UB?

    No, administrative staff use is not permitted by this license. Administrative Staff are defined by IBM SPSS as staff whose day-to-day tasks are related to the running of the University e.g. Finance staff, HR staff, Sponsored Research staff.

    Administrative and other non-academic users who wish to use SPSS for administrative business must purchase single-user licenses directly from IBM/SPSS. The college's campus site license is limited to academic teaching and research use only.

  • How long is this license available?

    The current campus wide license for SPSS Statistics will expire on July 30, 2017. The subscription will expire unless it is renewed for the next fiscal year.

  • How do I install SPSS on my UB computer?

    UB faculty or graduate students who need IBM SPSS installed on your office computer, please contact the OTS Call Center at 410.837.6262.

  • Is SPSS Statistics available on other campus computers?

    Yes, SPSS Statistics (with Base, Advanced and Regression) is installed on Windows computers in OTS-managed labs.

  • Can I install SPSS version 23 on my Mac? 

    SPSS version 23 is compatible with most current versions of Windows and Macintosh, however you must verify version compatibility with your computer(s) prior to downloading. See the SPSS current System Requirements and/or contact SPSS Support with any questions.

  • Is SPSS Amos module available in this package?

    No, Amos is not included in the SPSS Statistics campus license. 

    Faculty can request to purchase Amos through their department. Students can purchase the premium version of SPSS with additional features from the Kivuto site. (Click here for more information.) 

  • Where can I find the SPSS authorization code to activate the license?

    The authorization code is posted on the “Downloads for SPSS” page, accessed through the MyUB Portal. 

  • How do I renew the SPSS license at the end of the subscription period?

    The current SPSS license expires July 30, 2016. The new code will be posted in the SPSS download pagelet located in the "MyUB portal" prior to the expiration date. You must renew the license annually by obtaining the renewal code or the software will stop functioning. 

  • Where can I find more information on SPSS?

    The SPSS website is located at Click here for the support site. 

Installing SPSS on Windows

Please read the licensing agreement prior to installation. 

  1. Login to MyUB portal.
  2. In the Computer Services box, click the SPSS Downloads link.
    portal computer services image

  3. When prompted, enter your netID and password. You will see the SPSS downloads page.
  4. Click the Download link for your operating system. This will save a compressed file to your computer.
  5. While on this page, take note of the SPSS authorization code. You will need this during installation. 
  6. Once the download is complete, extract the filesExtract all the files before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Locate the file setup.exe file and double click it to begin the installation.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Confirm that Authorized user license is selected. Click Next.
  10. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  11. Click Next.
  12. In the Customer information window, for the username enter your netID and University of Baltimore as the Organization.
  13. Click Next.
  14. In the Assistive Technology window, indicate if you will be using JAWS screen reader to use SPSS Statistics. Click Next.
    spss install step

  15. Select Yes or No for Essentials for Python.spss installation step

  16. Confirm or change the installation location.
  17. Click Next.  
  18. Click Install, and then OK when prompted.
  19. With License my product now selected, click Next.
  20. Enter the code from step 5 above.
    spss install step

  21. Click Next.
  22. The installation will go through an authorization process. When it indicates “Successfully processed all codes,” click Next, and then Finish.
    spss authorization successful window
  23. Restart your computer to begin using SPSS. 


Installing SPSS on Mac

Please read the  licensing agreement  prior to installation. 

SPSS version 23 is compatible with most current versions of Windows and Macintosh, however you must verify version compatibility with your computer(s) prior to downloading. Check the SPSS System Requirements and or contact SPSS Support with any questions.

NOTE: The latest version of SPSS does not work on Mac OS 10.6. Users must purchase the OS upgrade.


  1. Login to MyUB portal.
  2. In the Computer Services pagelet, click the SPSS Downloads link.
    portal computer services image

  3. When prompted, enter your  netID and  password . You will see the SPSS downloads page.
  4. While on this page, take note of the SPSS authorization code. You will need this during installation.
  5. Double-click on
  6. When warned about this being an application from the Internet, click Open.spss download image

  7. You will be prompted to enter an administrator password. Enter the username and password of an account on your computer with Administrative access.
  8. Click on OK for English.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Accept the terms and click Next
  11. Confirm that Authorized user license is selected. Click Next.
  12. For User Name enter your netID and University of Baltimore as Organization.spss install window

  13. Select Yes or No for Essentials for Python. (If unsure, click No). Click Next.
  14. Use the default install folder (recommended) and click Next.
  15. Click Install.
    spss install window

  16. After installation is complete, click Done (Don’t register for product updates).
  17. Open Finder and launch SPSS Statistics License Authorization under the Path: Applications>IBM>SPSS>Statistics>23.
    mac finder path for spss

  18. Click Next, then click License my product now. and then click Next again. 
  19. Enter the Authorization code from step 4 and click Next.
    spss install window

  20. On successful authorization, click Next then click Finish.
    spss authoritzation

  21. Return to the Application folder and now run
  22. When prompted to accept incoming network connections, click Allow. You are now ready to use SPSS. 
    spss initial launch window
Last Published 10/30/17