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Kick back, have fun and engage, explore and excel.

Our free workshops, events and trips will:

  • enhance your academic credentials
  • nurture your leadership, personal and professional development
  • foster your commitment to community engagement and cultural diversity.

Check out our honors signature events:

  • Back Stage Theater Pass

    Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Do you want to know what happened behind the scenes prior to curtain call? Experience the human condition as it plays out before your eyes. Interact with cast and crew after a local stage performance to analyze the meaning, interpretation and cultural significance of the work. We've seen performances at Folger Theatre, Everyman Theatre, Single Carrot Theatre, Spotlighters Theatre and Center Stage, to name a few.

  • BEE the Difference Alternative Spring Break

    Are you seeking a meaningful spring break? Every March, we take a few days to create a tangible, positive difference in our local community. It’s a rewarding experience and an awesome resume builder, and you will discover your hidden talents while having fun, meeting new friends and making a positive difference.

  • Compare, Contrast and Contemplate

    Museums are more than a venue for appreciation and exploration; they are products of interpretation. Have you ever thought about museum ethics? Ponder these questions: Does history go to the victor? Who assigns value to history? How is our public history defined and presented? Join us as we explore similar museums or galleries in one day and consider how each creates a distinctive sensory experience using similar historical data.

  • Denit Dialogue Series

    Each semester we analyze a consistent theme through various perspectives grounded in history, politics, culture, community, psychology, ethics, religion, art and more. Join us for presentations by nationally renowned guest speakers whose ideas and expertise will challenge you to think about things differently. Check out our past series, Ten Years Later: The World 9/11 Made and Thought for Food.

  • Discover the Documentary

    The documentary will not be denied! This evolving film medium is an extremely powerful tool for social justice and change. We will delve deep while watching the original "reality TV." Prepare to be compelled, shocked, inspired and well informed—all at once! View, evaluate and debate provocative topics and, if you're so inclined, find out how to change your world. You bring an open mind, and we'll bring the popcorn.

  • Food and Faculty Series

    Go ahead and talk with your mouth full. These one-hour events are created for students, faculty and staff to enjoy informal and out-of-the-classroom dialogue. Feed your curiosity as we explore thought-provoking topics over a delicious lunch. Some of our past topics include:

    • A Love Affair Gone Wrong: The Subprime Crisis

    • Baltimore Data Day

    • Coproducing Venture Capital: Evidence from Africa

    • Creative Use of the Past: Investigating the History That Inspires Artistic Expression

    • Dredging the Choptank: One Creepy and Enlightening Bucket of Eastern Shore Water Legend, Folklore and History

    • Ecological Assessment of the Lower Jones Falls: Moving Toward Charting a Course for the Restoration of Central Baltimore's Natural Greenway

    • English Law in Early Maryland

    • Found Object Art

    • How to Tell When He’s Just Not That Into You

    • I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: Conflict and Jealousy in Relationships

    • Local Landmarks, History and Nature: A Walking Tour

    • Philosophy and Public Life: Ever the Twain Shall Meet?

    • Swimmable and Fishable Inner Harbor by 2020: Issues and Challenges

    • Synthesizing Research for Research Reports, Lit Reviews and Journal Articles

    • The Comfort of Food in Post-Nuclear Fiction

    • The Nazi Seance: How You Write a Book about Something You Know Nothing About

  • Get Out of Town

    Take a break from Baltimore and explore another city's culture, history, arts and entertainment with your Denit Honors friends.

  • Lead the Way

    Get out of the classroom and far from your comfort zone with hands-on (literally!) team-building training, group games and rock climbing designed to take your goals and confidence to new heights.

  • Lyric Opera Sneak Peek

    A final dress rehearsal should go exactly as do the upcoming performances, but often Murphy lays down his law to create a few surprises and impromptu drama. Be the first to experience the full grandeur of the opera ... with a twist.

  • Music to My Ears

    The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is internationally recognized as one of the world's most acclaimed orchestras, and it is only a few steps away from UB's campus. Get ready for a musical journey that will rock your world! Joan of Arc at the Stake, Drum Line Live, Bond & Beyond, LIFE: A Journey Through Time and Video Games Live are performances Denit Honors students have recently enjoyed.

  • Service Abroad Adventure

    Help to improve the lives of indigenous Maya community members near Antigua, Guatemala, while having the international travel adventure of your life. Immerse yourself in Spanish with 10 hours of one-on-one lessons and practice with your host family. Enjoy a fun outdoor challenge and explore one of the most beautiful locations in Central America. This destination is packed with trips to ancient ruins, active volcanoes and more, plus experiences with diverse cultures. This is the travel experience that will change your life and a family's life forever.

  • 9/11 Memorial in NYC
    Get Out of Town

    We discovered one of New York City's more notable neighborhoods and explored how post 9/11 communities have been created, redefined and celebrated through artistic expression.

  • helping families in Guatemala
    Service Abroad Adventure

    A group of Denit Honors students traveled to Central America in 2011 and 2012 to help improve the lives of indigenous Mayan community members by decreasing indoor air pollution. Each student built an energy-efficient stove with the help of a local mason and family members—and without speaking a word of English! Learn more.

  • volunteering in local communities
    BEE the Difference Alternative Spring Break

    "What matters to me is volunteering to help out at nonprofit organizations that assist the local community. Feeding the underprivileged, collecting clothing donations for homeless shelters and organizing food pantries are some of my favorite community-service activities."
    —Brittany Ermer, B.A. in Community Studies and Civic Engagement program

Last Published 3/8/17