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We all have a unique story to tell. What's yours?

What drives you? How have your life experiences shaped the way you view the world? How do you plan to achieve your goals? What difference do you intend to make in your community, your city or the world?

The answers to these questions are what make us unique. They guide us and help us achieve what may appear to be impossible. They give us the foundation to achieve success.

UB Student Affairs believes in fostering an inclusive environment that values the diversity of all individuals and their capacity for community and democratic engagement. We aim to support and enhance a dynamic community where the needs of all students at UB are paramount.

To support our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive culture, Student Affairs launched the Be YOU at UB campaign. It's a movement with a mission to tell the stories that shape us and empower the UB community to embrace what makes each of us unique.

We want to learn more about YOU! Join a diverse voice of student experiences by submitting your story to or email us to schedule an in-person interview. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (@UB_VPSA) and Facebook (@ubvpsa) and join the conversation. Be sure to use the hashtag #BeYOUatUB.

Brandee Izquierdo

Brandee Izquierdo

“The one thing I want people to know about me is that I am not afraid to speak out about recovery …”

Bilal Bahar


“I always dreamed of getting an education and becoming a successful social entrepreneur…”

Christine Wertz

Christine Wertz

“I always wanted to be adventurous, explore new places and try new things, but before I came to UB, I never had the confidence or the tools …”

lisa phillips

Lisa phillips

“I found myself 20 years ago making bad decision after bad decision until my poor coping skills finally destroyed any chance of a bright future …”

Robert Neuman

Robert Neuman

“I am a product of domestic violence, labeled and placed into undesirable boxes; disease and addiction are all part of my story …”

Ariel Wickham

Ariel Wickham

“Three years ago I was trudging my way through a very challenging time in my life …”

Sonce Reese

Sonce reese

“I was the person who slept on a stone park bench in the winter and had nowhere to go, no direction and no idea what to do in life …”

catanna anderson

Catanna anderson

“I have always had a passion for people, teaching, coaching and seeking knowledge …”

chelsea corpening

Chelsea corpening

“I faced many challenges growing up including housing instability with occasional bouts of homelessness …”

ifeyinka david

ifeyinka david

“I grew up amid constant civic unrest …”

kaynat tassawar qureshi

Kaynat tassawar qureshi

“My passion is fighting for justice …”

elizabeth bell

Elizabeth bell

“I lost my dad during a time in my life when I was transitioning not only from military to civilian …”

Janay Wells

Janay Wells

“My freshman year of high school, I found myself always nervous and struggling with my mood …”

Jamal Holland

Jamal Holland

“I am a man of faith. I like to have a purpose for everything I do …”

Last Published 9/7/17