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Almost Everything You Need to Know About Your Account Names and Passwords

  • What accounts do I have?

    Click here for detailed information about the services or accounts you receive and when.

    Students, faculty, and staff have a netID account, which is used for many technology services. The netID provides access to the MyUB Portal and network services. Those taking or teaching an online class receive a Sakai account. Some staff and faculty may also have access to PeopleSoft Financials, which is used for processing purchases. A description the services follows:

    • MyUB Portal -- The portal is an online service that provides a single place┬áto access a variety of UB resources and information. In addition to being a shortcut to commonly-accessed information, the portal provides access to the online student administration and human resources systems. Students use it for class registration, tuition payments, and checking grades. Faculty and staff use it for timesheet access, roster access, and advising. Use your netID and password to access it.
    • Network Services -- Your netID provides access to email, computer labs, network file storage, and the wireless network.
    • Sakai -- used for online courses and Web-enhanced instruction. The username and password is the same as your netID.
    • PeopleSoft Financials -- This account is provided to faculty and staff responsible for financial transactions.
  • Do I use the same username and password to access all of my UB accounts?

    Your username and password combination is the same for e-mail, the MyUB Portal, UB network (labs, offices, wireless), and some services available through the portal such as Sakai, UBworks, WestLaw, and others.

    Those who have access to PeopleSoft Financials will use the same username but the password may be different. You can change the passwords for each account so that the passwords match. The accounts are not synchronized; if you change the password for one account it does not automatically change it for another account.

  • I don't know my netID password. Can I reset it? I don't know my netID username. Can I look it up?

    Yes. Visit to look up your netID and/or reset the password. Visit this page if you need help with navigating

  • I don't know my e-mail password.

    Visit to look up your netID and/or reset the password. Visit this page if you need help navigating

  • I know my e-mail password but want to change it.

    Visit to change your netID password. Visit this page if you need help navigating

  • Do I have to sign up for an e-mail account?
  • I changed majors; does that change my username?

    No. You have the same username for your UB career, even after you leave or graduate.

  • Can I change my username?

    No. The username you receive as an applicant is maintained throughout your UB career. The one exception may be for UB students who applied to the UB-Towson Joint MBA Program.

  • Can I change my e-mail address?

    If your name has legally changed, yes. Your e-mail address is updated after you submit a name change request. Click for information on submitting a name change request. Your e-mail address and display name will change. Your username will not be changed.

  • Is Sakai the same username and password?


  • Do I have a Sakai account?

    If you are taking an online or hybrid course, yes. Students registered for an online course or one that uses Sakai can access the course no later than 7 days before the start of the semester.

  • My Sakai password doesn't work.

    If you can login the MyUB Portal, but the same username and password combination does not work for Sakai, it may be that you are not registered for a course that uses Sakai. You should be able to access a Sakai course within 6 hours after registering. If the error message indicates that you are not registered for a class using Sakai but you believe that you have, please contact Sakai Support at 1.855.501.0856 or

Last Published 12/18/15