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The committee is charged with recommending initiatives that promote a culture free from discrimination, foster an appreciation of diverse ideas and capabilities, and enhance an understanding of the global community.

Specifically, the committee will develop and communicate clear and consistent descriptions of UB's diversity objectives and initiatives, make policy recommendations, and prepare the annual Cultural Diversity Report for USM. The committee is composed of representatives of each governance body, the Director of the Diversity and Culture Center, and the Director of Office of Disability and Access Services. A designee from the Provost's office shall serve as an ex officio member.


Karla Shepherd, co-chair; 410.837.4760
Karyn Schulz, co-chair; 410.837.4141
Jan Williams, faculty; 410.837.6593
Fiona Glade, faculty; 410.837.5914
Bill Schnirel, staff; 410.837.5265
Melissa Manthorne, staff; 410.837.5003
Toni Martsoukos, staff alternate; 410.837.6298
vacant, student
vacant, student
Catherine Andersen, ex officio member; 410.837.6205


2016 Meeting Minutes- February 5th, 12th, 22nd

2013-14 Action Plan

Last Published 7/6/17