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UB supports our student ventures

With its four schools and colleges each offering a practical, career-focused education, a nearly 100-year history of helping students balance learning, work, family and more, and an undergraduate and graduate curriculum emphasizing experiential opportunities, the University of Baltimore knows how to support its students. This is especially true for those who want to get started today—no, yesterday!: UB is here to help any student, from anywhere in the University, bring their venture to reality—from idea, to plan, to fruition.

University of Baltimore students are well aware of this support. They leverage it all the time. It's not unusual for an MBA student to seek advice from professors and fellow students about how to finance a venture. It's typical to see students in the Simulation and Gaming Design major work together on a product that they have every intention of bringing to market. Indeed, it is expected, in the highly lauded Entrepreneurship Fellows program, for every participating student to launch a real business as a capstone project. Students studying government and public policy in the College of Public Affairs and the School of Law learn the ins and outs of nonprofits, while those enrolled in the M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts cover every aspect of authoring and publishing their own books.   

Supporting student ventures is what we do. That's the easy part. As a UB student, you have the more intense job, if you so choose: You have to pull together your thoughts about a potential venture. You have to build a viable plan. You have to convince others that it will work. Then—take a breath—you have to start it.

Will it work? National statistics say that most businesses struggle out of the gate. Many don't make it beyond five years. But many do. And many, launched right here on campus by our students, become successful.


Last Published 11/10/17