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  • How do I know who my adviser is?

    You'll meet your adviser during Freshman Advising Day, and you'll also receive an e-mail from your adviser with information about how to contact her. If at any time you have questions about who your adviser is, call the Office of Freshman Advising at 410.837.4186.

  • What are learning communities?

    Learning communities are two or three classes connected by a central theme. The learning community faculty work together to relate the work you do in the two or three classes. You attend the learning community classes with the same classmates, so you have many opportunities to build connections with and learn from each other. All of the classes that compose the learning community count toward your general education requirements. You are required to enroll in a learning community in both your first and second semesters at UB.

  • Why do I have to take classes that have nothing to do with my major?

    During your first few semesters, you complete general education requirements that all students entering public colleges and universities in Maryland must complete to graduate. General education classes provide you with broad exposure to topics that expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you. The majority of  general education classes must be completed with a grade of C- or better with several course exceptions that require a grade of C. See a list of courses that fill these requirements.

  • I placed into a developmental course. What does that mean?

    You can be placed into developmental courses in writing and/or math based on the Accuplacer placement test you took before you registered. Developmental courses are designed to strengthen your skills in the relevant area before you move onto higher-level courses such as MATH 111: College Algebra or WRIT 101: College Composition. Developmental courses do not affect your GPA nor do they count toward your degree; however, if you place into one, you will be required to complete it successfully before continuing on to a higher-level class. Learn more about Placement.

  • Why do I have a hold that won’t let me add or drop classes?

    All entering freshmen have an Initial Enrollment hold that will prevent you from registering online. This hold requires that you meet with an adviser before you add or drop any classes, ensuring we can assist you with designing a balanced schedule, meeting your prerequisites during your first year and guiding you through the registration process. The hold will be removed once you declare a major.

  • When do I declare my major?

    You are eligible to declare a major once you’ve earned 24 credits and have completed successfully any developmental courses. When you declare a major, you will no longer be advised in the Office of Freshman Advising (we’ll miss you!), but instead you’ll meet with an adviser specific to your major.

  • What is a Pre-Major?

    Pre-Major is a designation used for students who are not yet eligible to declare a program major. A Pre-Major student is any UB student with less than 24 earned credits and any UB undergraduate student 24+ who has not officially declared their major with a specific program. Pre-Major students must have earned 24+ credits, completed WRIT101 with a C- or better, and complete MATH100/101 (if applicable) in order to be eligible to declare a major. Anyone who wishes to declare a program major must see their First Year Experience advisor to confirm eligibility.

  • How many credits should I take per semester?

    During your first two semesters, you’ll register for 15 credits (equivalent to five classes). After your first year, you can register for as many as 17 credits per semester. If you are a part-time student, you’ll register for 6-9 credits per semester (two to three classes).

  • How do I calculate my GPA?

    Your GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted. Your GPA can range, then, from 0.0 to 4.0, but you want to maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 to avoid academic probation. Learn more about calculating your GPA.

  • I can’t decide on a major. What should I do?

    Talk with your adviser, who can direct you to faculty members and other campus resources that can help you decide on a major.

  • How do I purchase books?

    Book store credits can be requested up to $600.  Before applying for this credit in your MyUB account, you should determine the estimated cost of your books at the Barnes & Noble at the University of Baltimore. You should purchase all of your books before the first day of classes. For more information about the book credit, contact the Office of the Bursar at  Additional information about the book store credit can also be found in your myUB student portal. 

  • How long will it take me to graduate?

     Every degree program at UB requires 120 successfully completed credits. You will take about 15 credits per semester, meaning it typically takes about 4 years to graduate, but it may take longer if you are required to take developmental courses, if you take time off or if you repeat courses.

Last Published 5/5/17