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Here's everything you want to know about the University of Baltimore MBA:

outside of the building where the Merrick School of Business is housed.

  • MBA Programs' Demographics

    The following is based on Fall 2016 University Census data and reflects the combined demographics of the MBA and Online MBA programs.

    423 Total Students Enrolled

    Total students enrolled in the MBA and Online MBA programs. Our online students have interaction with our Flexible MBA students in online courses.

    Academic Load: Eight-four percent (84%) of our enrolled students consider themselves part-time MBA students.

    Gender: Sixty-five percent (65%) are female.

    Residency: We have alumni all over the world, but most remain in the Mid-Atlantic region or Maryland. At this time our MBA students are eighty-seven (78%) percent "in state" residents.

    Ethnicity: Fifty-seven percent (57%) of our students indicate their ethnicity to be white, followed by twenty-one percent (21%) Black/African American, eight percent (8%) Asian, three percent (3%) Hispanic/Latino, three percent (3%) multiple ethnicities, and one percent (1%), not specified.

    Age: Our programs appeal to working professionals. Forty-six (46%) of our students range in age from 30-64 followed by thirty-eight percent (38%) 25-29, fourteen percent (14%) are 22-24 and the two percent remaining are under 22 or over 65 years of age.

  • It’s inspired by real-world business challenges.

    As long as the MBA has been offered at the University of Baltimore, we've kept the needs of business in mind. Our program was built with the advice and expertise of the Baltimore business community, our esteemed alumni, and current and prospective students and faculty.

    The goal was simple and straightforward:

    Make it real. Make it relevant. Make it useful to our students, for years to come.

    In higher education, sometimes course curriculum is created behind closed doors—theory does not always go hand in hand with practice. Our approach is different. We consult with business leaders from some of the area's top companies. We survey students and alumni. We hold focus groups. We conduct secondary research. It is essential that the UB MBA meet the needs of the students we serve and the business community that hires them.

    We recognize that there is a strong demand for the MBA. Any 21st century graduate business degree, however, must be applicable to a fast-paced, globally scaled business environment. It must reach a student population that is connected via technology like no other generation in history. We encourage our students to blaze a trail in business and the community at large—and that requires an MBA that is as flexible as it is applicable.

  • It’s driven by the most relevant issues in business today.

    Our MBA is built around six principal themes:

    • Managing Innovation and Strategy
    • Leading and Managing People
    • Interfacing with External Stakeholders
    • Managing the Value Chain
    • Managing Performance and Risk
    • Leveraging Technology and Business Intelligence.

    Every course in UB's MBA program fits into at least one or more these themes. 

    For example, our Creativity and the Entrepreneur Mindset course prepares students to be innovators, while Business Analytics delivers knowledge about the increasingly important uses of Big Data.

  • It empowers you to build your own Online MBA.

    It's your choice.

    We know that you are looking to grow professionally—and our "flexible core" allows you to forge a entrepreneurial or corporate path, or a little bit of both.

    While there is a set of required core courses that all students must take, the MBA's "flexible core" allows students to choose between an entrepreneurial or a corporate focus.

    For example, the core sequence in finance has students take Financial Management for 1.5 credits—then they have the option to choose either Entrepreneurial Finance or Corporate Finance, each for 1.5 credits. This approach gives students the common foundation of learning what employers expect, while encouraging them to select a focus that suits their needs and career aspirations.

    You can also choose from a variety of elective online courses to complete your program.

  • It’s AACSB International accredited.

    The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is the gold standard of business school accreditation—worldwide, less than 5 percent of all business schools in the world have been bestowed this hallmark of excellence. We continue to maintain the standards of this accreditation and are proud to say that the changes to our MBA preserve—and even strengthen—our AACSB International accreditation.

    Did you know?

    Only one-third of the business schools in the United States can claim AACSB International accreditation distinction.

  • It all started in 1999.

    In 1999 our faculty began delivering the MBA in a engaging Web environment making us the the first school in the world to offer a fully-online AACSB accredited MBA program.

    We like to mingle.

    Students in the Flexible MBA may take classes along with you in online course sections.

  • It offers "bite-sized" class formats.

    Most of the courses in the MBA are 1.5-credit classes, taught in seven-week sessions. Our research showed that not only do students want faster, more "digestible" courses delivered in various formats—but that these types of courses actually enhance student learning, especially online.

    Classes that fit into your busy schedule.

    The Online MBA is delivered in six sessions over the year. The combination of 1.5-credit classes and shorter seven-week sessions preserves the quality of the program and makes it easier to fit classes into your busy schedule. It also has the potential to speed up your time to complete the program.

    Traditional 15-week semesters with 3-credit courses are available as well. If you haven’t noticed already—you're in control and the choice is yours.

  • It’s an amazing opportunity.

    The MBA remains a smart, highly prized degree. In fact, it’s likely more necessary now than ever before. But like any product or service, it must be adapted as the demands of the market change. We have a MBA that prepares you for an intense, globally connected world. This is the MBA of your bright, rewarding future.

    Powerful, flexible and designed by YOU.

    Come to one of information sessions, request information or apply today.