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Whereas we acknowledge the alarming frequency of hate crimes in our country, especially in recent weeks, many of which have occurred on college campuses,

Whereas we acknowledge State Attorney General Frosh’s November 17 statement on Hate Crimes.

Whereas we reject the ongoing consideration of such unconstitutional measures as a federal registry of Muslim residents,

We, the faculty of the University of Baltimore, reaffirm our commitment and duty to provide our students equal and safe access to education regardless of race, religion, age, gender, sexual identity, national origin, or disability, as outlined in USM’s Policy on Affirmative Action and Equal Access and other policies.

Furthermore, we vow to continue to oppose any municipal, state, or federal policies that would require us to violate the above-mentioned duties, and we vow to continue to oppose hate crimes and hate speech that take the form of bullying and intimidation in our classrooms and on our campus,

At the same time, we re-affirm the need for free speech, open intellectual discourse, and the healthy exchange of ideas.

Last Published 3/10/17