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1. A purchase order is required for all Out of State Travel.

2. Contact the Office of the Comptroller at with completed T Number Request Form to obtain a T-Number.  Failure to obtain a T-Number prior to travel will result in you being personally responsible for any cancellation penalties or other costs.

3. When travel is completed, invoices and other supporting documents or receipts must be submitted with the State of Maryland Travel Expense Form. Credit card receipts will not be accepted.

Important Notes:

  • When an overnight stay is involved, Washington, D.C. is classified as an out-of-state travel area. The Department Head (for administrative areas), Chairperson (for academic areas), or the next higher authority above the traveler is the highest level of approval necessary for out-of-state or overnight in-state travel.
  • Expense accounts that do not deduct commute miles and do not fall under the exceptions indicated will not be processed and returned for corrections. In order to ensure that you receive your reimbursement as expeditiously as possible, please complete the expenses account with commute miles deducted. For exceptions, please make sure that you note that you either started at UB or that you fall under exception 2, 3 or 4 listed on the mileage page.


State of Maryland Travel Expense Form (pdf)

Applicant Travel Form (pdf)

T Number Request Form (pdf)


Last Published 10/24/17