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Meals FY 2018 (Effective July 1, 2017)


Breakfast 10.00
Lunch 12.00
Dinner 25.00
Total 47.00



**Meal reimbursement rates for High Cost Metropolitan Areas can be found on the Department of Budget and Management website.
Additional information about international meal reimbursement is available at


Per Diem Guidelines:

  • If it is your intention to be reimbursed for meals, please complete the bottom portion of the expense account form to include the specific date, day and time that your travel began and ended. Also, include the territory covered.
  •  If  a conference provides meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) you cannot seek reimbursement for meals.                    
  • Breakfast can only be reimbursed as long as the individual’s trip began two or more hours prior to his or her normal work start time.  
  • Dinner is only reimbursable as long as the trip stop time falls two hours or more after an employee’s normal work stop time.
  • If exceptional circumstances necessitate a high cost meal, reimbursement may be approved "up to actual reasonable cost with detailed receipt," pursuant to limits imposed by the unit, available funds and as determined by the approving authority.

**Important Note: If the amount of the original travel reimbursement submitted for processing is amended, the P.O. must be updated and re-received to reflect the new amount.

Last Published 8/18/17