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We have comprised a list of some frequently asked questions.  Please feel free to contact us.

  • What does the Staff Senate do?

    The Staff Senate advises the UB President and Executive Committee on staff matters, recommends and reviews University policies as they affect staff, keeps staff informed and provides a forum for discussion and recommendations on matters of interest to staff.
  • Who comprises the Staff Senate?

    The Staff Senate is made up of 11 Senators who are democratically elected to two-year terms (staggered). Of those 11 Senators, six serve in internally elected executive board positions (one-year terms): Chair, Vice Chair, Parliamentarian, Secretary, and Two Council of University System Staff representatives.
  • Who does the Staff Senate represent?

    If you are a regular exempt, nonexempt-nonunion or Contingent 2 staff employee at UB, you are automatically a member of the UB Staff Senate and are represented by the senate in all staff-related matters.

    If you are unsure if you fall within one of these employment categories, contact the Office of Human Resources.

  • Who is my Senator?

    You can find a list of all Senators on the Staff Senate home page.
  • How do I get involved in the UB Staff Senate?

    As stated in USM Policy I-6.00, II. C., you are responsible for "... informed participation and collaboration ..."

    You also may:
    • attend the monthly meeting
    • nominate yourself or a colleague as a candidate for senator
    • serve on a committee
    • provide your expertise and input regarding items of interest to shared governance, or voice your concerns to your senator or at any open meeting
    • spread the word among your colleagues about shared governance and about the UB Staff Senate

  • What does this mean to me?

    As a member of the Staff Senate, you are entitled under USM policy to participate in shared governance, as appropriate to skills and knowledge, regarding decisions that affect the overall welfare of UB and of the University System of Maryland. This entitlement also comes with the responsibility to provide informed, collaborative and respectful support to the collective members of the governance bodies and to the processes by which they are managed.
  • How did the Staff Senate form?

    The current UB Staff Senate was initiated in August 2012 under the newly adopted Plan of Organization for Shared Governance at UB. The previous configuration, called the UB Administrative Council, was a stand-alone body and wasn’t empowered to implement change nor recognized as a true contributor to shared governance. Since the beginning of the 2012-13 year, the UB Staff Senate is an equal partner (with the University Faculty Senate and the Student Government Association) in the Governance Steering Council.
  • How does the UB Staff Senate fit into shared governance within the University System of Maryland?

    Staff will be elected to represent the University of Baltimore in the Council of University System Staff, which addresses system-wide issues that pertain to staff. The mission of CUSS is to provide a voice for Staff employee concerns in reference to basic decisions that affect the welfare of the University System of Maryland and its employees.

    Learn more:
    Constitution for the Council of University System Staff

    Policy on Shared Governance in the University System Of Maryland

Last Published 3/27/17