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  • Mission and Strategic Priorities

    Student Affairs aims to develop curious, purpose-driven students with the courage to both contribute and lead in their communities. UB Student Affairs creates an atmosphere of learning that promotes self-awareness, skill development, empowerment and authorship among our students. Service-based learning, cultural conversations, recreational events, student organizations, and leadership development create more opportunities for practical application of knowledge. Through problem solving and self-reflection, students will discover the principles that will guide their lives beyond the university. Students will realize UB’s commitment to “Knowledge that Works” through the fundamental application of learning in their careers and communities.

    Student Success, Diversity and Inclusion, Community: The Division of Student Affairs Strategic Priorities 2016-19.
    Download the two-page overview in PDF format.

  • Vision

    Student Affairs envisions a campus where all students take a leadership role in the learning process, where a combination of experiences, relationships, and thoughtful inquiry helps them grow as scholars and community members.

  • Values

    We believe in fostering an inclusive environment that values the diversity of all individuals and their capacity for community and democratic engagement.

    In the evolving landscape of higher education, innovation and collaboration are essential to the work we do.

    We model integrity and authenticity, and strive for excellence as exemplars at the university and in our fields.

    As educators and mentors, we recognize the transformational effect of learning and development for both ourselves and the scholars we support.

Principles for Student Learning

We are guided in this work by the following principles:

Consciousness and Self-authorship. UB students will better develop and discover themselves and their evolving capabilities through learning, experiential activities, and self-reflection.

Well-Being. UB students will experience wellness as a multi-dimensional aspect of living and learning.

Civic Agency. UB students will understand the importance of active engagement and their role in the development of their communities.

Global Citizenship. UB students will explore a variety of cultures and world views, and be able to think about events, both international and domestic, in the context of their daily lives. 

Last Published 10/27/16