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Meet the student affairs leadership

  • Shelia Higgs Burkhalter
    Shelia Higgs Burkhalter

    Vice President, Division of Student Affairs

    What do you do at UB?
    I provide strategic and innovative leadership, as well as guidance and oversight of student learning, growth and development, student success and student services at UB. I also participate in all aspects of institution-wide planning in support of the mission and goals of the University, including meeting the needs of a diverse student population and creating a learning environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed. I have over 20 years of experience working in both private and public institutions of higher education.

    What do you love best about UB?
    I enjoy working at UB because of the diversity of students and experiences. I think personal narratives are an important foundational element as students embark upon the educational journey. I take great joy in hearing students’ stories and helping them craft future chapters.

    Top 5 Strengths: Self-Assurance | Focus | Activator | Achiever | Communication

    Connect on LinkedIn | | 410.837.4271

  • kathy anderson
    Kathleen K. Anderson

    Dean of Students, Office of Community Life

    What do you do at UB?
    I oversee areas providing student support, including the Achievement and Learning Center, the Counseling Center, the Office of Disability and Access Services and Residence Life. My office handles the resolution of student conduct concerns, both academic and behavioral, and coordinates the commencement ceremonies. I also serve as the deputy Title IX coordinator, handling issues of sexual misconduct that involve students.

    What do you love best about UB?
    Baltimore is home for me. I was born just down the street and have spent most of my life in or around the city. It's been exciting to watch the midtown Baltimore area grow over the years into the exciting, vibrate area it is today, with so many UB students living in the area. The best part of UB? It's definitely the students! 

    Top 5 Strengths: Developer | Relator | Learner | Responsibility | Belief | 410.837.4755

  • bill schnirel
    William Schnirel

    Executive Director of Student Development, Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement

    What do you do at UB?
    I oversee the Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement, Campus Recreation and Wellness, the Diversity and Culture Center, the Student Center and the Student Ambassadors program. With more than 18 years of experience in higher education, I provide a hands-on, experiential learning approach to student involvement programs and student leadership opportunities.

    What do you love best about UB?
    As an educator I enjoy being part of students' UB experience, assisting them in their endeavors and witnessing their successes. I'm an avid Baltimore Orioles fan and can often be found at Camden Yards taking in a game with my family. I believe strongly in the Plato quote, "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

    Top 5 Strengths: Strategic | Command | Relator | Self-Assurance | Arranger

    Connect on LinkedIn | | 410.837.5592

  • ray mccree
    Ray McCree

    Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Division of Student Affairs

    What do you do at UB?
    I provide leadership and strategic direction in the areas of fiscal and human resource management, fundraising and external relations. I also serve as the primary source for establishing and cultivating relationships with parents, alumni, foundations and corporations to enrich student success and promote personal development through philanthropy. 

    What do you love best about UB?
    I enjoy engaging and supporting students at UB that strive to change their way of life personally and professionally. Education is a life changing and transformative experience!

    Top 5 Strengths: Activator | Consistency | Connected | Developer | Arranger

    Connect on LinkedIn | | 410.837.6807

  • antieris photo
    Antieris Johnson

    Executive Administrative Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

    What do you do at UB?
    I provide administrative/operational, budget, programmatic and project management support to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. I also provide support to divisional assessment activities and assist with the coordination of special projects. I have over 10 years experience in administrative support, project management and programming. I’m currently pursuing my M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship at UB.

    What do you love best about UB?
    Many people are familiar with the quote by spiritual author Marianne Williamson: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." I love helping students at UB illuminate the passion, the power and the purpose that lives within them. Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to shine? The wait is over! Let your light shine brighter and encourage others to do the same.

    Top 5 Strengths: Strategic | Positivity | Relator | Maximizer | Futuristic

    Connect on LinkedIn | | 410.837.4271

Meet our student Assistants

  • Crystal
    Crystal Santiful

    Crystal is a senior working towards a degree in Digital Communication. She started a Christian women’s organization a few years ago called Virtuous 31 (V31). The goal of V31 is to support women in their faith, remind them daily of their beauty and strength as well as encourage them to use their voice to facilitate change. Her career goal is to turn her women’s organization into a sustainable business. Crystal loves social media and has been working on developing her own unique brand and style. She is excited to utilize her talents in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. “Life is a beat, dance to it,” she says.

    Top 5 Strengths: Restorative, Includer, Futuristic, Adaptability, Ideation

  • Janay
    Janay Wells

    Janay is a junior working towards a major in Psychology and a minor in Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership. Her career goal is to get her doctorate in clinical psychology. Her love for community service has her always working on service projects and outreach. Additionally, Janay has two YouTube channels in which she talks about mental health, beauty, and makeup. Her love for inspiring others is what keeps her going. Her position allows her to help students, generate ideas for student interaction and problem solve. Her passion for the arts, creativity, the community, and more is what makes her relatable to others. “I am being the change I wish to see in the world and hope to inspire many others to follow their dreams as well,” she says.

    Top 5 Strengths: Futuristic, Individualization, Strategic, Learner, Competition

  • Yami
    Yamaelis Rosas-Sanchez

    Yamaelis is a sophomore working towards a major in Criminal Justice. Her career goal is to get her master's degree in Victim Studies and attend law school. She hopes that one day she will be working for the CIA or FBI. Yamaelis enjoys helping others, and she is fluent in Spanish and English. “I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries,” she says.

    Top 5 Strengths: Restorative, Empathy, Deliberative, Adaptability, Relator

  • Kay
    Kayanna Johnson

    Kayanna is a graduate student in the school of Health and Human Services pursuing a degree in Human Service Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. She is also a graduate of Towson University where she received her bachelor's degree in Metropolitan Studies with a minor in Political Science. Her career goal is to ultimately develop a nonprofit organization that supports the growth and strengthening of youth and families in Baltimore City. Kayanna truly enjoys giving back and working in collaboration with others to improve her community. Prior to joining our team, she worked with several organizations in Baltimore and most recently taught English in Spain. She is excited to complete her master's degree and looks forward to making an impact in Baltimore. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” she says.

    Top 5 Strengths: Futuristic, Developer, Relator, Learner, Input

Last Published 9/21/17