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Digital Communication Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why digital communication?
    Many people are interested in mass communication in all its forms: journalism, print and Web design, computer graphics, social media, advertising and public relations. The Digital Communication program combines all these areas and helps comprehensively prepare you for jobs in the communication departments of businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, places that require you to write press releases, design brochures, build and maintain websites, connect through social media and create lots of other communication-related pieces—without skipping a beat.
  • What if I’m more interested in one area than another?
    As a Digital Communication major, you’ll get to specialize in the area that interests you most: Media Design & Production, Public Relations or Digital Theory & Culture. You can take as many classes as you like in any of the other areas; it’s like minoring within the major.

    We also offer you four ways to take courses outside of our standard offerings.
    1. You can take a course at any other USM institution.
    2. You can take courses at the Maryland Institute College of Art.
    3. You can design your own course via our independent study option.
    4. If your GPA is 3.5 or higher, you can take graduate Publications Design program courses and count them toward your B.S. in Digital Communication through our Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Option.
    Your adviser can talk with you more about these possibilities.
  • I’m transferring from another institution and I wasn’t a communication major. Will I have a lot to make up?
    Students enter the program from a variety of backgrounds, from production areas such as photography, video and graphic design to English, business, general studies and other liberal arts disciplines. We expect you to have strong writing and speaking skills as well as the ability to learn and find your way around various computer programs. The vast majority of students transferring into the Digital Communication program will not have to take additional courses to be eligible for graduation.
  • What kind of job can I expect after I graduate?
    Our approach to communication is interdisciplinary but career focused; it will prepare you for a multitude of jobs. UB's Digital Communication program graduates have gotten jobs as:
    • graphic designers
    • audio/video producers
    • communications specialists
    • copywriters
    • events planners
    • journalists
    • marketing directors
    • media relations specialists
    • publication designers
    • public relations specialists
    • project managers
    • technical writers
    • Web designers
    • and more.
    They've also used their degree as a stepping stone to a variety of graduate school programs across the country.

    Qualified students can take up to 9 graduate credits and count them toward their corporate communication degree and their publications design graduate degree, if they decide to continue in our master's program.Your adviser can tell you more about our Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Option.

  • Can you help me find an internship?
    Yes, we can! We’ve been helping digital communication majors find internships for more than 20 years. Consequently, we have a big pool of possible internships for you. We know a lot of good ones, and we also know some to steer you away from. We’ll suggest a few that you can pursue based on your interests, skill level and scheduling constraints. Some students have their own contacts and are able to find their own internships. Our main concern is helping you find an internship that will benefit you in a significant way. For more information on internships, view the Digital Communication Internship Handout.
  • Why is there a “participation” requirement?
    Important as your classes are, they are only one of many ways to prepare for your career. There are also lectures and workshops, professional association meetings and conferences, and many other opportunities for growth, both on campus and off. You learn so much from listening and talking to people in the field. We consider that a valuable part of your UB learning experience and so ask all of our corporate communication majors to take advantage of at least five of these opportunities during their time at UB. For more information on this requirement, view the Participation Requirement Handout.
  • I work during the day. Is it possible to complete this program at night?
    We offer digital communication courses both day and night. You can be a day-only student, a night-only student or you can mix and match.
  • Do you offer courses online?
    Although the major isn’t available exclusively online, we do offer some classes online or partially online in a “hybrid” format that mixes online learning with face-to-face classroom time. Speak with an adviser for more information.
  • How long will it take to finish the program?
    If you're entering as a freshman, it will take you four years. If you're transferring, it depends on the number of credits you transfer and how many classes you take each semester. A student who transfers an A.A. degree from a Maryland community college and attends full time (15 credits per semester) can complete the program in two years. Most part-time students take two or three courses per semester and graduate in about four years.