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How to Delete a Wireless Printer in Vista if Receiving Access Denied Error

Use these instructions if you are getting "Access Denied" when trying to delete a wireless printer from Windows Vista.

  1. Click the Start button (Windows icon).
  2. In the Start Search box, type MMC. MMC should appear under the Programs column.
  3. Click MMC to continue and launch the MMC console.
  4. In the Console window, select File and click Add/Remove Snap-in.


  5. Under Available Snap-Ins select Print Management.
  6. Click the Add button. This will launch the Configure Print Management window.


  7. In the Print Configure Management window, click the Add the Local Server button.


  8. Click Finish. Notice that Print Management is displayed under Selected snap-ins.


  9. Click OK. You will see the Console window.
  10. In the left column of the Console window, click Print Management.
  11. Click Print Servers.
  12. Click the local print server (your pc name).


  13. Click Printers. The wireless printer(s) will display in the right column under Printer Name.
  14. Click the wireless printer you wish to delete and click the Delete button on the toolbar. (The red x button.)


  15. Click Yes when prompted to delete the printer.
  16. Back in the Console window, select File and click Close.
  17. Click Yes when prompted to save console settings.
Last Published 12/18/15