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Selection of Full-time Faculty Procedures - SL


School of Law

  1. The Faculty Appointments Committee shall obtain the approval of the full faculty of any person it recommends for full-time faculty employment, before recommending that person to the Dean. If a faculty hiring need arises between the last faculty meeting of the spring semester and the first faculty meeting of the fall semester, the Dean, in consultation with the Faculty Appointments Committee, may offer a one year contract for a visiting faculty position without approval of the full faculty.
  2. As early as possible at the beginning of each academic year, and, as appropriate, during the academic year, the Faculty Appointments Committee shall consult with, and obtain the sense of the full faculty as to: (A) how many positions should be filled; (B) how such positions should be filled (e.g., full-time tenure track, clinical contract, coverage visitor, or "look-see" visitor); (C) what areas of expertise the school should be focusing upon for prospective new faculty; and (D) what criteria should be applied in evaluating prospective new faculty members.

COMMENTS: These standards apply to the hiring of any full-time faculty member at the Law School - full-time tenure track, clinical contract, and visiting faculty. Full faculty approval of recommendations for hiring visiting faculty is required, both when a person is a coverage visitor (who has been told that he or she is being hired temporarily for one year only) or a "look-see" visitor (who may be told that he or she will be considered for a tenure track position during the visitation period). The reason for requiring faculty approval of recommendations to hire both types of visitors is that coverage visitors may decide to seek a full-time tenure track position at the Law School and may have an "inside track" in seeking a full-time position because of their visitation.